Why Do We Make Art To Relieve Stress?

Making some art is commonly the critical activity of most people to express themselves to others. Art is a tangible counterpart of their emotions, dreams, and aspirations. People often direct to artworks when they feel that words are no longer enough to say what they want to be heard and understood by others. But more than that, it is a desire to tell a personal story about how they perceive life in a given circumstance. Behind every simple stroke, there are hundreds of thoughts that yearn for hearing. They are tough to fathom because only an open heart and an open mind can decipher it completely.



Historical artifacts found in caves, castles, and churches bridged the distance between the past civilizations and the present-day. These artifacts were used by our archeologists as an instrument to understand how ancient cultures developed and fell. While clueless that their artworks would be a great help for us, our ancestors chiefly used these artworks to exalt a prominent person during their time. To convey a personal or a political message, and to express their thoughts to someone or something unidentified.

Beyond what we know that making art is our little way to express our minds and our hearts— there are more about it that we barely know. Making art is also associated with some mental health benefits. It is already proven that art therapy helps people alleviate stress. It helps them get away from the things that usually trigger and increase their stress level. Here, I will tell you why and how people make art to relieve stress.

How Does Art Therapy Relieve Stress?

There are times when life suddenly gets tough, and people feel like they are lost inside themselves. The weight of life they carry on their own sometimes seems unbearable, and that consequently puts them down to darkness until they’ve lost their way. And do you know where this emotional breakdown comes typically from? It only starts from simple stress that eventually grows within until it becomes a burden for someone to continue with his or her life.

Handling stress is a challenging task for anyone. Not everyone has the gift of reliable emotional mechanism to engage with stress like a pro. Not all can carry on like nothing is truly bothering him or her. You are lucky and blessed enough if you can, but if you are one of those who cannot, don’t worry art therapy is your knight and shining armor.

Art therapy helps emotionally disturbed people to cope with the present condition where they are into. With this, they have the chance to freely express the thoughts they hold back for a very long time. They may be unaware that they are already undergoing art therapy while doing it as much as they feel comfortable. In a blink of an eye, they will be surprised that unnoticeably, they have already created an artwork that portrays their hidden story. Such kind of release is significant for them to get away from the stress that distorting the normal flow of their emotions.

Every stroke and every splash of color they put in their art resemble a significant move. It lets them step out of their cage and surface again the world like a brand new day. In this way, they can slowly but surely find themselves again and continue with their lives with a unique woven perspective.

What Does Art Therapy Do Mentally To Relieve Stress?

Art therapy is an efficient way to relieve and get away from stress, just like mentioned above. Now, below are some ways how the act of creating art relieves stress mentally:
It creates distraction

Sometimes, even the person under the art therapy who draws and paints entirely about the weight that triggers him or her is still unaware of it. It is because an artist enjoys the pleasure of subtly releasing his or her stress in the guise of sketches. Since their focus is on art, he or she was able to distract themselves.

It Helps People Manage Their Focus

Once a person gets away from stress, the next step to take is to set a new focus. Managing and establishing your focus is a tough task. But directing to art therapy and finding pleasure from it will certainly help you place your emphasis.

It Assures Self-Care

When a person finally finds art therapy as their way to communicate their hidden thoughts and finds someone who will listen and understand them, it creates self-care. Once they feel that there is somebody out there who cares for them, they naturally and suddenly regain self-care and self-love as they free themselves unbridled to the world.

It Reduces Anxiety

As an artist shows their artwork to others and gets easily understood by them, that reduces anxiety. Being relatively understood by others makes them feel accepted and boosts their self-esteem. It helps them walk unafraid and ready to carry on.

It Stimulates The Release Of Dopamine

As we all know, dopamine is a hormone responsible for our happy behavior. As it releases, we tend to go satisfied with something we have accomplished. This directs us away from something that makes us feel down and uncertain. It gives us the motivation to carry on.

It Increases Self-Esteem

The art therapy serves as an outlet to help people disturbed with stress control and continue with their life. It is a great mechanism to face everything that may come through their way. Self-esteem lets them fight against it until they can.

It Leads Them Back To Their Track

As they go through the creation process of their artwork, they have a chance to finally and wholeheartedly accept to themselves that this sad and down moment happened to their lives. With the pleasure they enjoy from doing the artwork, they magically find a way to get back to their track and continue with their lives.

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