What Motivates an Art Collector to Choose Their Art?

None of us knows what is running inside the mind of an art collector whenever they decide which masterpiece they should buy. People say that there is this particular connection between an art enthusiast and the artworks that they prefer. Let me tell you a story. There was once an oil billionaire named J Paul Getty. The man called himself an “apparently incurable art-collecting addict.” Getty refused to pay ransom for his kidnapped grandson. Yet, he spent billions of dollars on building the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. He was never really able to visit the said museum because he was afraid of airplanes though. But what motivates the likes of Getty in the path they have chosen? We should keep in mind that knowing what motivates an art collector to select their piece of art will help a lot in getting your artwork a new owner.

How do Art Collectors Choose their Art?

The debates on why people collect artworks dated back to the first century CE. Since then, there was never really a concrete reason why art collectors spend much money in buying artworks.

To help you get in their minds, here is a list of what motivates art collectors in choosing their items.

  1.   The emotional connection between the artwork and the collector

Most art collectors purchase artworks out of passion while some are by the possible amount of profit that they can make. Additionally, it is essential to observe what kind of artwork will strike an art collector. Some collectors who are attracted to history find works that have a historical connection. If you happen to come across one, make sure that you can tell them how the artwork in front of them is connected to history. The best way to understand the underlying connection between artworks and art collecting is to create a bond between the work of art and the collector himself. How? Tell them a story. Tell them how you came up with such artwork.

  1.   Never see art collection as a competition 

People tend to see art collectors as highly competitive beings, which is seriously wrong. Collectors are much more into the value and story of the art and not in the competition of who will be able to get the artwork that people are buzzing. Most art collectors have little regards to profit.  

  1.   Most art collectors want to create social bonds

Art collection drives people to build social relationships among other collectors. By attending public art events, collectors can share their story with people who have the same views as them. They can form new bonds to their social networks and share some keys of information about them as an artist and about their artworks.

  1.   The true value of art

An art dealer named William Acquavella once said, “You can remake money, but you can’t remake the painting.” Most art collectors invest a large amount of money because they find artworks as a trophy for their hard work. Such people are invested in the story beyond the artwork, not on the possible amount of money that the artwork might produce.

Not because art collectors share the same passion when it comes to art does not mean that they are the same. Such people have different reasons that motivate them in choosing the artwork they purchase. For this reason, you should be able to see right through an art collector.

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