What Is Music Copyright And How To Use It For Your Own Work

If you want to protect your music and get paid for it fair and square, you should know about “Music Copyright.”  This will help you to get the payment that you deserve for the music that you created. You will need the help of a music lawyer because it’s hard to understand the ins-and-outs regarding copyrights.

What Is Music Copyright?

We have conducted intensive research on what music copyrights are and what it entails.  If you are someone who is in the field of music or just as an enthusiast, you must know how to handle your piece so it will not get copied without your knowledge, and of course, for you to get paid, fair and square. Here are our findings, and we are more than happy to share it with you.

Music Copyright is the set of laws that serves as protection for your song/s. It prevents other people to use and abused your own original work. Anyone can use your song without your permission, without the proper payment.

Musical Copyright has two types – (the composition) it’s the covering of the song and (the master) it’s the covering of the recording of a particular song. Two separate parties can possess both these two copyrights. 

One example is, Bob Dylan is the writer of the song “All Along The Watchtower”. Released and recorded it with his own record label.

The people buy that record and Dylan receives royalties for the exploitation of copyright which covers the recording and covering.

The song is recorded by Jimi Hendrix as well (All Along the Watchtower). When Hendrix’s version was set out to the public, he gained royalties for the copyright covering the recording’s exploitation also. At the same time, Bob Dylan is also getting paid for his copyright of the song. 

By releasing and recording of his rendition of the song (All Along the Watchtower), Dylan’s composition copyright was being exploited by Hendrix. The composition copyright of Dylan makes sure that he will also get paid for his legitimate work.

How To Copyright Music?

In Canada and the U.S., when you record the song using a hard medium like tape or drive, this can be considered as copyright. Having a copyright notice for your work is not mandatory. But applying for one can help others because they can quickly contact you if they do not want to exploit your composition/song.

If you want your work to receive maximum protection from the law, an example is the court will pay you money for the damages in a violation lawsuit. To get this protection, you need to enlist your work with the proper governmental office of your country.

What Does It Cover?

There are different laws and statutes in each country, so it depends highly on your location on how your copyright covers you.

Typically every copyright law is giving you full control regarding your work. You can stop others who are using your work without your permission.

These are the fundamental rights:

The Right to:

  •   Copy and reproduce your work
  •   Market your work
  •   Modify your work
  •   Permit your work
  •   Transmit, broadcast and to perform your work

Do I Need To Register The Music Copyright?

Not mandatory.

In the U.S. and Canada, copyright appears on the accomplishment of the work as long as in other formats – it is fixed not just a random thought in your head.

But if you are dying to have the maximum protection regarding your copyright, and make people inform or contact you first before they can use your work. Register your work to your country’s copyright branch. 

The Impact Of It In Terms Of Getting Pay

Music copyright renders you with rights regarding your intellectual work similarly to other rights of property.

Like the physical property that you can touch with your hands, the concept of music copyright allows you to give authorization to others to manipulate your work. They can use it to a video or movie theme song. But they need your permission first, and they will have to pay the appropriate amount. 

Musicians are making money by giving the authorization to use their masterpieces. Without the copyright law that protects their music, anyone can freely use it as their own. Because there are no violated rights, right?. That’s why it’s crucial that you register your music to your country’s copyright office.

There are many ways that you can get paid with your copyright here are they:

  •   streaming royalties
  •   downloaded files
  •   usage of your recordings in movies or  video games
  •   performances on the radio and live concert

Upon reading this article, we do hope you have learned how these copyright laws can protect you and how you can get permission to use someone else’s work.

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