Wedding Photographers: Tips and Techniques

Getting married can be a once in a lifetime experience. Proclaiming your love to your partner in front of the God Almighty is truly a magical moment for the bride and everyone in the attendance. As a wedding photographer, it is your absolute responsibility to capture these magic moments in photos for all the parties to enjoy, forever. You would need to capture their genuine smiles and feelings; you would need to photograph the undying loving affection that the groom has for the bride and vice versa. It may sound easy because all you think you had to do is to snap some photos, but believe me, it goes much deeper than that, it is beyond challenging to be great photographers for a wedding.

Being a wedding photographer is no easy task. One mistake, one missed shot, can ruin the whole gig altogether. Imagine attending a wedding as a dedicated photographer; personally invited; you were paid highly for your services. However, dang! You failed to capture the magical kiss after their vows in the photograph. That is undoubtedly a disaster! You must be pseudo omniscient; you must be fully aware of everything that is currently happening, a great photographer must be able to capture every noteworthy moment without fail. Obviously, doing so will not be easy. That is why we are here to share some tips and techniques for wedding photographers to be able to do their jobs better and get more beautiful shots.

1.    Create Your Very Own ‘Wedding Photographers Shot List’

A valuable tip for a wedding photographer is to get the couple to think ahead of the shots that they’d like you to capture on their every day. Its as if you are rehearsing the photos you will be taking on the event itself. Compile a list with the help of the bride and groom so that you may fully anticipate the shots that they want you to take and then check them off one by one with every shot. This tip is beneficial and will surely make your job a whole lot easier.

2.    Scout The Location as Wedding Photographers, Familiarize Yourself In It

It will never be a bad idea to scout the location ahead of the event itself. Know its most robust spots and views, eliminate its weakest angles. Familiarize yourself within the surroundings so that you may direct the couple or the family to be on the places where you want them to be to produce the best shot possible for them to enjoy. Most professionals won’t do this, but it does not hurt to be more in the know before even reaching the day itself.

3.    Work With The Bride And Groom at their Wedding, Set Expectations

The bride and the groom are the stars of the event; it is their wedding, of course, they are the ones whom you will be taking the majority of your pictures. So that is why it is your job to coordinate with them. Show them your style, tell them how you do your work. Find out what they want to achieve with every photo, how many shots they want on a particular moment or position, what is it that they wish to record in the video, and of course, how much you will be charging them. Make sure that you have the agreement on the price in place up front so that there will be no troubles.

4.    Don’t Disregard The Small Details, Shoot Them As Well

Yes, what you want to take a shot of is the attendee’s faces. The bride’s genuine happiness as she wonderfully smiles, the groom’s warmth loving as he holds his new wife at hand; those are the moments you need to capture that is within your job. However, that does not mean that small details do not matter anymore. Take a photo of the rings, the back of the dresses, the shoes, flowers, menu, and the little details that you wouldn’t precisely pay too much attention. Artistic shots of these said small details will take your game to the next level. I assure you; they will appreciate the little things as well, or maybe even praise you with your attention to detail.

These are just a small sample of tips and techniques you may use on your next wedding gig. Hone your style and personal work ethics so that you may be able to create a brand of your own in the future. Remember, that every success story has begun with a planning session. Plan your every move while still anticipating the unexpected. Nothing worthy in life will come easy. And most of all, have fun doing your job. Weddings are about celebrating, and you too are a part of it, so have fun.

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