Art Trends in the World — From Art Collab to Online Sales

by Catherine Watts
The art world is changing and shifting as politics, economics, consumer habits, and other world events impact this diverse and vibrant market. Due to this, a lot of art trends are popping up this anywhere.
And with more artists collaboration’s happening, there are more opportunities for sales than ever before. Let’s take a look.

How Art Collab and Online Trends Are Growing Sales

According to the TEFAF Art Market Report for 2017, online sales are growing, with social media driving some of those sales.
Social media provides platforms for art collab and music collab, as well as places to connect with audiences and consumers.
Some artists are even joining together on social media sites to increase their reach and social power.
And millennials are driving the online art-buying trend. As almost half of them discover new artists online and more than half of them would purchase art online.
Online platforms make it easier for audiences to find a band they love, discover new artists, and keep up with their favorites’ production.
This online interest comes at a good time. There are predictions that up to 10 mid-tier art fairs are on shaky ground. And may fold due to the advertiser and ticket-buyer malaise.
Another interesting development is the proliferation of art-installation funhouses across the nation. Like the one sponsored by Refinery29 called “29 Rooms.”
A multi-media, collaborative display of fashion, art, architecture, music, and more. An art funhouse might be coming to an area near you. Like any market, the art world responds to new ways consumers, collectors, and patrons want to experience art. 

Staying on Trend — How to Pivot in 2018

No matter what the future brings for your brand of art, staying abreast of trends in the way audiences. Buy, sell, and experience art is key for a successful future.
Artistic collaboration is one way to stay plugged into changes and to expand your reach across audiences.
The other is to establish a strong online presence, growing your art — and your audience — through a strong social media campaign. 
Whether you participate in music collaboration with an artist you admire, get art collaboration ideas from a social media subgroup, or just reach out to fans and fans-to-be online, you’ll be tapping into an art-friendly market that is growing by leaps and bounds. 
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