Top 10 Best Schools For Music Production
It is in music institutions, academies, or schools for music production where we expect to learn the most about the music industry. After all, it is the place of learning. The place you’d get to know the ins and outs of the industry, the environment where you’d have the opportunity to hone your skills to the fullest. Music schools are full of instructors that are all prepared to impart their musical knowledge. Music academies are full of the tools and equipment that would help you learn faster and better. But most of all, they can be an environment full of people that has the same goal as yours, to succeed in your given field. And there is nothing more inspiring and motivating than that.
However, choosing a music school isn’t easy. A whole lot of factors must be into consideration. The ever-increasing tuition fees, the amount of time you’ll spend studying, its curriculum it offers, its reputation, the location, and so much more. It’s best to take your time deciding on the place where you want to start your musical career. No one ever wants their time and money go to waste on a place that doesn’t suit what they needed and wanted. To help you select the perfect fit for you, we have compiled 10 of the best schools for music production.

Peabody Institute – Baltimore, MD

 Take an in-depth look on the origins on some of the people in various major production companies worldwide. Chance are, you’d see a graduate of Peabody’s Recording Arts and Sciences program. Not only that; some of them are also on major symphonies and great audio equipment companies. Some has even ventured on freelance careers as mixing engineers and post-production. Peabody also has high praises for their unique “Computer Music” program.  This program is designed for aspiring musicians with interest in both electronic music production and recording arts.

Full Sail University – Winter Park, FL

While most schools’ focus is on sharpening their students’ complex skills, musical prowess, and quality production, Full Sail University Music Production has its emphasis on marketing. Such an interesting approach but highly effective. You’d need demanding skills to produce quality music but to be able to market that to your audience is a different thing. And that is where the focus of this small for-profit college in Florida is. Full Sail’s graduates have climbed up the ranks of popular music production with the help of their thorough online courses and dedication to the craft. They might not have modernized facilities like others with music production courses, but Full Sail is one-of-a-kind.

California Institute of the Arts – Valencia, CA

When people talk about music production schools, chances are you’d hear the name of California Institute of Arts. “Cal Arts” for short. This music production school has always been in the top of the lists of those who are in the industry. But most especially, to those who are into integrated media. With top-notch creative facilities in their great studio, as well as letting its students use their state of the art recording rooms for their various projects; this is the place to be for aspiring music producers. Step right into their open doors, and you’d automatically feel creativity surge in. The artistic atmosphere in Cal Arts is truly a feeling to behold. 

Academy of Art University – San Francisco, CA

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco is one of the largest art schools in the nation. Like most schools listed in here, this university is a stand-alone, for-profit, and privately owned general arts school. But what makes it stand out from the rest is its capability to house over 18,000 aspiring students. Their music production programs are among the most significant in the entire country. The graduates of the Academy of Art University have penetrated some of the major production jobs out there. Take a look at the staff of Sony, Dolby, Skywalker Sound, CBC Toronto, and you will most likely find an alumnus of their program there. This is the best college for you if you are deep into the visual media program, scoring, and sound for multimedia and television. Upon graduating, you’d get advanced knowledge on mixing, mastering, orchestration, editing, and composing.

Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA

Georgia State University already has a comprehensive music production program and facility even though they are still amidst exceptional growth. This college offers three top-notch studios you can record on as well as a complete Pro Tools post-production suite. Those facilities make it excellent for students to learn an advanced skill in music editing, mixing, and mastering. Here, you can also find a large, multimedia collaborative lab which is the 2CINEM facility. It is a 7,000 square foot space dedicated to the mixing of multimedia and music production.

Drexel University – Philadelphia, PA

Drexel is a concentrated institute. That is the reason why they offer only two music degrees at their school. The music industry with an emphasis on the business and the other with production. The production degree provides students as much hands-on experience in the field as possible. An eye-catching aspect of their program is the summer coop requirement. This is where their students will be spending two full summers gaining experience at recording studios, record labels, music venues, and other music businesses. Drexel has been at the top option for any aspiring musician aiming to have an excellent career in music production and its business.

Indiana University Jacobs School of Music – Bloomington, IN

The music production department of Indiana University is known throughout the school as the “Department of Recording Arts.” It is one of the smallest programs you can find in the entire nation in terms of its students. It has only 15 incoming almost every year, but that fact also has its advantages. Because of their small number, students are given excellent individual attention and instructions. This results in unmatched chances of students building a healthy relationship with their faculty. Thus, more knowledge to take in. the programs focus is on producing sound for DVDs, CDs, and live television. As well as learning the ins and outs of the basic recording studio. Fun fact, Indiana University is also one of the oldest music production programs; even far back in 1982.

University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance – Ann Arbor, MI

In terms of state of the art sound technology equipment, look no further than the University of Michigan. Their ultramodern building, Duderstadt Center, houses this great technology equipment. Students of their music production program can choose from a variety of music production degrees that will suit their interests. They have a lot of degrees combining secondary focuses in performance, sound engineering, and composition. Their program is formally known as the “Performing Arts Technology” department and has helped many of its graduates rise the ranks of top professions in the entire nation.

New York University  – New York, NY

Stepping out from the norm, NYU has two departments dedicated to music production. One is the “Tisch” School known as the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, and the other “Steinhardt” School that is more on music technology. They have major differences, but both are amazing. The Clive Davis Department is for those who are the entrepreneurs of music, those who are into the business of music. Their graduates have gone on to become CEOs of various recording labels, and some have started their very own music businesses. On the other hand, the Steinhardt school excels in conventional programs. Their music technology department features a larger than life recording studio with unmatched art equipment. Most importantly, their graduates have also risen up the ranks to have excellent careers in the industry.

Berklee College of Music – Boston, MA

Lastly, but definitely not the least, is the Berklee College of Music. Alongside NYU, this is possibly the most prestigious and advanced in the entire world in terms of schools for music production. Boasting an unprecedented number of state of the art recording studios in their site with ten, students have virtually unlimited amount of time and opportunities to work and learn alongside master sound engineers in the school. Additionally, its gifted students have a chance to produce electronic music and take courses on the aesthetics of music production. Even before graduating from this top-notch music production school, your skills can already par up with the best of the best in the industry. Who wouldn’t want that?

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