Through the Lens: 2019 Trends for Photography
By: Catherine Watts

The art of photography has been evolving over the years. With a massive pool of niches that pops up regularly, more and more options can now be considered by amateurs and beginners who are looking for a genre to immerse themselves in. But what will work according to the odds this 2019? Without further ado, here are the latest photography trends 2019 has in store for you.

1.    The comeback of film photography

There’s something nostalgic about the vibe of analog photos. Who doesn’t like looking at images that remind the beauty of 90’s aesthetics? Nowadays, a lot of shutterbugs are challenging themselves by immersing themselves in the limitation of film photography. Analog cameras are becoming a thing again and the results are amazing. It is undoubtedly a perfect tool to test your skills through the utilization of its restraints. By removing the probability of inspecting the output instantly, the photographers are given the opportunity to gradually learn about the effects of light and angles to the final results.

2.   The rise of videos

Videos have been on the rise over the past few years. A lot of events and occasions are graced with photographers that don’t only take photos but clips as well. Who can resist seeing the beauty of motion pictures playing in front of your eyes?

Today, several professional photographers are taking up their notch by investing in their portfolios through the creation of videos. Through these recordings, the overall appeal of a photographer is significantly improved. Besides, with its common properties, videos can take the attention of its audience for a longer period compared to that of a still snapshot. This is yet another factor as to why this certain artistic creation can improve your chances in the whole photography industry.

3.    DSLR cameras are no-brainers

Being excellent in photography doesn’t require the immediate accumulation of expensive gears. For most amateurs, it is recommended to own basic devices such smartphones to start learning the craft. This encourages thinking outside the box and it is a good way to recognize if photography is something that you should pursue. If you decided that taking professional snapshots is something that you wanted to do for a living, then that’s the right time to invest in sustainable gears such as DSLR.

DSLR’s is a niche for those who took their leap in the photography industry. Due to its various lens selections and ergonomics, it has been a go-to gear of those who want to take the business seriously. Even though there are new models such as mirrorless cameras that are rising up through the past years, nothing can beat the professional appeal of DSLR’s.

4.    Environmental awareness

The numbers of compassionate photographers are increasing over the years. They have shown their concern for what is happening in the reality including that of which happens in the Mother Earth. A lot of portraits are encouraging the viewers to take part in the movement by showing nostalgic and emotional façade. In addition to their emotion-evoking properties, these shots are captioned with well-written statements to further increase the growing concern of the community towards the environment. The coalescence of these two creates the well-needed provocation to observe the change. After all, gone are those days that eco movements only used to be a part of photojournalism.

5.    Drones

Time flies so fast and the days of helicopters as a medium of aerial photography are finally over! This niche in photography has improved through the years when the first models of drones are released in the market. However, these particular aircraft come with lavish costs that’s why only the photographers with a huge budget can afford to jump into this particular genre. But fret not! The new decade has presented its modern and cutting-edge products of technology which includes drones that have prices that have been significantly cut into half! With a massive pool of variations and brands that you can choose from the market, you can actually score those that can be as cheap as your mobile phone. How nice and amazing was that?

From travel photography to landscape photography, the drones can undoubtedly offer several niches that you can explore. It is definitely a great gear to step up your game in the name of photography and videography. Who doesn’t love seeing scenes from above, anyway? Just remember to keep in mind all the restrictions and law of the place where you plan to shoot your photo and video. Besides, ensure that you are not disrupting with any wildlife that lives in the place.

6.     Dramatic landscapes

Gone are those days when minimalism reins the whole photography industry. Although it still exists, the trend transition to dramatic portraits has undoubtedly taken its place.  Photographers are now trying their best to compose their shots in the liveliest way. From the bright exposures to pastel tones of the minimalist portraits, saturated and high contrast are much more preferred by those who are trying to achieve the fundamentals of the niche. Thus, bad weathers are now seen as an opportunity instead of being a hindrance to take a great image.

7.   Outdoors photography

This certain niche has been here for the past few years but it doesn’t show any signs of saying goodbye this 2019. More and more photographers are getting out of their comfort zone just to take great landscapes from the places they go to. From gopro’s to drones, these professionals are investing huge not only in their DSLR’s but also in other gears that can help them take the best photo that they possibly can. Therefore, outdoors photography comes with subcategories that you can choose from. These include underwater photography, aerial photography, travel sports photography and many more.

8.  Animals

Wildlife and pet photography have been a niche for so long but there are no signs of saying goodbye to them this 2019. Animals have been a great element to add up in any type of photography. Several photographers are exploring the safaris of Africa just to capture the candid acts of extinct and non-extinct wildlife. There are others who are actually diving deep into the depths of the ocean just to take a shot of the whales and sharks that are lurking under the water. There are also those who add up pets, such as dogs and cats, to wedding photography editing styles just to create an element of innocence and adorability to the output. And hey, who would forget those children photos that involve baby animals and the cuteness of their coalescence?

9.    Candid photography

The days of the scripted photo’s fame are finally gone. Strict portraits used to be admired for their aesthetics but the trend transition into more authentic snapshots gradually lost their appeal. More and more photographers are seeing the value of genuine people and moments wherein a massive audience can relate. Instead of immediately resorting to drop-dead gorgeous models, the body-positivity models are finally being recognized. You can now see themes such as stretch marks, belly rolls, and love handles showing off their own beauty and aesthetics with candid photos.

Aside from the model-related changes, you can also witness the growing of portraits that involve everyday situations instead of those that are shot inside a studio. An increasing number of photographers are getting out on the street looking for subjects and situations to shoot. As a result, the outputs bear the façade of things, people, and events that provoke emotions among human feelings.

10.    Vertical Photographs

Due to the vertical orientation of mobile phones, a massive pool of photographers is focusing more than ever on producing shots in the vertical format. This type of format actually has more chances of being noticed on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram due to its longer exposure compared to the landscape format. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself in taking vertical photos only. The overall decision still depends on various factors such as framing and composition. So if you think that a scene would look so much greater in landscape format, then go and take the shot. Besides, with lots of editing platforms to choose from, you have an option to crop it or adjust it when you want to later on.

Tips and Reminders

Photography is surely a fulfilling career to follow but this doesn’t mean that it won’t come with several challenges. To help you deal with it, here are the tips and tricks that you can learn from.

1.    Invest in equipment

Gear doesn’t matter when you want to produce a great photography output. However, when you have finally decided that you want to pursue it as a career, you can’t rely on your smartphones to do the work. Purchasing high-quality equipment such as DSLR is a must and it also improves your appeal to prospective clients. Who wants to hire and pay a photographer with only a phone to use and utilize, anyway?

2.    Work on your website

One of the easiest and most practical ways to present yourself as a photographer is through a great website. Aside from being a platform to show your work to probable customers, a website is a perfect medium to announce your business. In addition to this, you can also utilize it for your other transactions such as communicating with clients, management of orders and sending your finished output.

3.    Set up your portfolio

Your portfolio is the best medium to showcase all your works from the past. It’s a great piece to present for your prospective clients that’s why it is so significant to exert effort in building it. To construct your portfolio into a strong one, it is suggested to do some no-fee collaboration with other people. For instance, if you’re niche is food photography trend, you can offer your services for free in some local food parks by shooting their dishes without a fee. This way, you can acquire great portraits and shots that can impress and seal the deal with your possible clients in the future.

4.    Join seminars and workshops

It is a must to take advantage of all the learning opportunities that you may come across along the way. Through workshops and seminars, you’ll be able to learn new techniques and be aware of the upgrades that have taken place through years of technology and modernity. Since time is changing, what works before may not work nowadays. To deal with this, it is recommended to attend events wherein you can learn what new techniques and strategies. In addition to this, you’ll also be able to come across other photographers that you can network with. You may acquire a thing or two tips from them on how they do their own thing.

And that’s it! Photography surely comes with challenges but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Nothing can still compare to the feeling of producing an output that evokes feelings among its viewers. If you are looking for a platform to develop as a photographer, don’t hesitate to visit our website. Go on and follow your stoke!

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