Things to Know Before Creating a Cover Song

We are all a fan of songs, regardless of what genre it is. We are fond of listening to different songs, especially if it sounds good and if it has relatable lyrics. Sometimes, we love a particular song too much; we feel the urge to make a cover song of it.

Releasing a cover song might seem complicated, but it is not. Some people think that it is a considerable risk to create a cover of famous songs because of possible copyright issues. Most people need to understand that they need to follow some simple things before releasing a song cover.

What’s a Song Cover?

A cover song is an entirely new recording of a recently composed song by another person other than the original composer. Every time an artist performs the song that they didn’t produce initially, it’s a cover. If a person writes a song which intends for a particular artist and that artist releases a recording of it with permission, it’s not a cover; it’s just an example of an artist working with songwriters.

Here are five things to learn on how your cover version can be released legally:

1.    Choose the perfect song of your choice.

No one can explain how to pick the best song to cover; you need to follow your heart. If you use science in selecting the perfect song, there will still be no explanation. However, there are different aspects to consider in choosing the best cover material:

–    Share influence to your fans or listeners that you think they don’t know that you possess.  For example, your genre of music is Jazz; try to create a rock song cover to surprise your listeners and don’t forget to insert inspirational and influential lyrics on it. It will be useful.

–    Make a sound by re-creating a classic. Make sure to pick a song that became a hit. Your cover will undoubtedly be recognized if you use a perfect song.

–    Make a revelation of the core of the song by genre changing. People will surely appreciate it if you made it unique. For example, creating a cover of a classical RNB music and turning to Rock music.

–    Choose a song that you find challenging. Once you made a perfect choice, you can use it to enhance your skills.

–    Cover a song that you find catchy and made an impact in your life. It is essential to create a cover of a song that you once got addicted to because you’re already into it. It can be a huge help especially in picking the genre.

Always remember that whatever song you pick, make sure to choose it wisely. Don’t forget that you can create a cover of a song where you can learn something.

2.    Don’t forget to keep it a cover.

A cover song will always be a recording which is a song released which have remained the same structure, melody, and lyrics as the original version. If you plan to change the cover too much, it can’t be considered a cover anymore. Song covers don’t extend to:

–    Samples

–    Mash-ups

–    Remixes

Always stay true to the original; keep it as a cover.

3.    Search for the correct mechanical license.

It is a part of the cover distribution; you’ll need a mechanical license. They make sure that covers legally distributed. They also are in charge of making sure that everyone that should receive payment will get paid. However, without any help, licensing cover songs can be a huge problem. Good thing, digital distribution has already made song licenses towards all significant streaming platforms quick and straightforward.

Take note that getting a mechanical license has a lot of ways; make sure to keep it affordable and straightforward for your convenience. Most of the distributors charge upfront regarding cover song licensing.

4.    Take down the information.

In releasing a cover song, you’ll need to list down little information about it. Make sure to study the knowledge of the song you’ll create a cover with; here are the details you’ll need to learn:

–    The original title of the song. Always put the original song title of your protection, don’t change it. Editing the title is not a recommended thing to do. Don’t put “cover” or “cover version” along with the title.

–    Include an original songwriter. Make sure that when you cover a song of your idol band, give credit to the original writer.

–    Include the original performing artist. Inclusion of the original artist along with the release of the cover is a must. Put his/her name on your cover then you’re good to go.

5.    Always be ready of when you’ll make it live.

Of course, this is your final goal once you make a cover song, you’ll make it live for the listeners. Once you’ve distributed it, it’s not time to promote it to everyone.

The crucial part is the release date; the distribution can play a significant role in this. If your cover is single, it is advisable to build a playlist or create a story with it for your social media channels. Don’t forget to share it with your target listeners.

It doesn’t matter how you release it, what matters most is the best comfortability of your cover songs before getting it a license and sharing it with everyone.

Creating a cover song is a huge responsibility and can also be considered as a great accomplishment. It’s not mainly about the genre switch; it is also making not only a better but a much different version of a classic song. Don’t ever forget to give credits to the original singer and songwriter; they are the ones that created it and made it famous. Always include a lesson to your cover and a unique feel. Also, consider the building the same impact as the original so that listeners will have the interest to listen to it. Remember, songs play a huge part in our lives; exert a lot of effort to covers so it can be much appreciated.

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