Artists of Today’s Art Industry: A Source of Inspiration for You and Your Passion

Creating art and making a living out of it can be really hard at times especially in the beginning. However, you must never lose hope. Here are some of the best and the most successful artists of today’s art industry to have a source of inspiration for you and your passion!

1.    Damien Hirst

If you are a real visual art enthusiast, there’s no doubt that you knew about this amazing sculptor and painter. If you are going to search for the “World’s richest living artist”, Google would only give you the name of this man.

Damien Hirst is from Bristol, England and at an early age, he had developed an exceptional passion for art. He became the so-called “art superstar” of the late-20th century because of his trivial artworks. His career boomed when he met Charles Saatchi. This tycoon was the very first man who appreciated Hirt’s works which mainly features rotting animal corpses. Saatchi sponsored more of his works. Soon enough, his masterpieces were displayed at different art galleries. Critics and famous art enthusiasts all lined up to purchase his works. Back in 2009, it has been reported that Hirt’s net worth rose over $338 million and today, after ten years, some members of the media have concluded that his riches is now over $1 billion.

Well, it was not really surprising sum of money if you knew that Hirt was able to receive a total of $77.9 million for his one platinum skull creation entitled, “For the Love of God”.  It was just a price of one masterpiece, how about his other works?

2.    Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons was raised and born in York, Pennsylvania. He was known for his extraordinary use of several common objects through installations while presenting a sense of human experience and consumerism. It was back in the 1980s when Koon first entered the art scene. He became really known for his different art style such as appropriation, craft, conceptual, and pop. He tackles a variety of topics including fame, gender, race, and sex. But of course, he was also widely known for his creation of Michael Jackson’s sculpture.

It was not really easy for Koons at first since he failed with his Celebration series. However, he really did not give up and continue making his creations. Now, he was one of the richest artists today with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

3.    Jasper Johns

Born in 1930 in Georgia, Jasper Johns has been an acclaimed artist since the 1950s. He was known for being a sculptor and a painter who uses simple items such as maps and flags to create his masterpieces. At an early age, he already dreamed about becoming an artist. He met Leo Castelli just right after he earned some fame from his first masterpieces. As an art dealer, Castelli offered a solo exhibit of Johns’ works at his very own gallery and needless to say, it has become a huge success. Because of his artworks, Johns was able to dominate the art industry with abstract expressionism and even recognized for shaping and contributing to Minimalism and Pop Art.

With his works, it has been estimated that John’s was able to earn about $300 million. Up until today, he still holds the title for selling the most expensive painting ever, the “False Start” for about $80 million.

4.    David Chloe

David Chloe caught the attention of the many with his artworks at Facebook’s wall offices back in 2005. He has a unique way of expressing decadence, creativity, lust, and desire. His paintings are judged by critics as bold, raw, and blatant. Also, his first works are a combination of street art and graffiti. And, his exceptional passion to feel and create feelings through art and painting grabbed the attention of Sean Parker, the one who invited him to paint murals at Facebook’s headquarters. Today, it has been estimated that he was able to earn over $200 million from all of his artworks. This guy is indeed worthy to be a source of inspiration.

5.    Andrew Vicari

This artist is born in Port Talbot, Wales. Vicari was largely interested in art since he was young. At the early age of 12, he already won a gold medal award for his artworks at the National Eisteddfod of Wales. Driven by his passion, he attended several art schools to broaden his knowledge about art. He started his career as a portrait painter in London. Vicari held his very first exhibit in 1956 at the Redfern Gallery but his success only came after over ten more years when his works were introduced to Saudi Arabia’s royal family. His name might not be that famous but he was considered as Britain’s richest painter alive. As of today, he was able to earn about $142 million for all of his sold masterpieces.

6.    Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is a Japanese curator, sculptor, and Japanese painter. A source of inspiration. His cheerful and lively works received compliments from many art critics all over the world. With Japan’s artistic and rich legacy when it comes to art, he tried to create his own kind of art. When he finally learned how to craft his very own art, he started to venture into business to make a living. Now it is really not surprising to know that he was able to reach a net worth of $100 million. Murakami successfully hired more than a hundred employees who work for different sorts of art.

These are just a few of the people that you might want to consider as a source of inspiration. If you are an aspiring visual artist do not lose hope because if you truly love art and have a real passion for it, there will come a time that people will see that in your creation. These people did not reach fame and success that fast. They all went through a lot of failures before they found someone who appreciated the real value of their works. Whatever style you have, nourish and prosper it. Do not stop moving forward and keep creating art. Soon, people will start to see right through your hardships and efforts.

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