How Jewelry Makers Source Their Materials

Jewelry is trendy everywhere in the world. It has always been an essential part of human cultures because wearing jewelry on the daily gives such an enormous impact on the way how we look and feel. And that is the main reason why we can see jewelry kiosk, shops, and stores everywhere. Jewelry Makers wants their works to be classic, elegant, and timeless. These are the unique trademarks for them to be one of the top designers in the world. For them to achieve those jewelry trademarks, they care about the quality of their resources, the tools to be used, and the design to follow.  And that is where we come in. This article will talk about how jewelry makers source their materials. 

Sources of their Materials and Tools

One of the most critical aspects to consider for a jewelry maker is knowing what the things needed to get it started are. These are the primary sources of their jewelry.

Jewelry Design

Designing jewelry can be one of the most rewarding works in the world of art. The design is the most crucial source of the jewelry.  Whether necklace, bracelets or earrings; jewelry varies from its qualities. Both men and women wear different types based on their taste.  Thus, there are many options for jewelry makers to choose from; they may design their jewelry based on some points to consider, such as:

  • Target Customer Gender –

    Jewelry maker creates a design based on the targeted gender of the customer. But usually, great designers have a customer persona in mind so that the jewelry will be appealing to a variety of people. A couple of designs for men and women would be great but make sure that the models should not be too generic to maintain the image of the brand.

  • Budget and Material Costs –

    Budget and material cost are also an important thing to consider.  A jewelry maker can create good quality of jewelry if it has a reasonable budget for material costs. Prices and the quality of materials will be considered depending on the category of the jewelry to create.  Most jewelry makers who try to cater to different customers with different budgets and preferences create different brand or type for them to be able to maintain the image of their works in the market.

  • Prior Designs and Trend Designs–

    Another thing to consider is the seasons and trends of the jewelry. A businessman is also accountable for the profits and costs made on the last jewelry designs. A sale is essential to ensure that your prior jewelry designs are worthwhile. Thus, plans can be affected by the evaluation of the previous design’s sales.  Trendsetter designs on this year’s Valentines season can be considered by jewelry makers and can be repeated next year. Or maybe the jewelry designs worn by earlier pageant winners must be a hit if launched soon by a jewelry maker. Some considered creating good designs specifically for Millennials. Models of jewelry makers vary depending on how they analyze their business trends and profits.

Designing is also a discipline.  It is critical because the forecasted sales must be delivered with the created jewelry designs.  Jewelry designers create their concept first through hand sketch. They may also draw their idea through the use of computer application programs. It’s for companies who upgraded their process on making their jewelry.  Rhino3D, ZBrush, Blender, SketchUp are some of the best favorite software used in designing jewelry. 

The Internet

The most common way to the materials and tools needed by jewelry makers is browsing the internet. However, in this era that technology is a “world-changing phenomenon,” even top-earning Jewelry Companies might use the internet to gather information and data that can be used to get and gain perfect resources for the sustainability and growth of their business.

Jewelry makers tend to browse directly to the manufacturer and retailer website for the needed materials and tools in their jewelry designs. They scan and purchase most to the well known and trusted manufacturer to avoid future problems on the actual process of making jewelry. They also search for different innovation processes on how to make jewelry on its most beautiful creation. Aside from the process, there is also innovation on the jewelry itself. One example is the Kino Project made by a team of researchers, designers and engineers from Standford University, and MIT Media Lab. They came together to create miniature robots to be a fashion’s assistant. A tiny robot made it; the pieces of jewelry that are placed on your clothes. It moves around and makes adjustments in response to the wearer’s surroundings. For more information about this innovation, visit this referenced blog link at

Their Competitors and Peers

Jewelry Makers tends to look and search for competitors. When they experience a problem with their resources, they consider the competitors and their peers in the jewelry making industry. Jewelry Makers will not directly ask the competitors but rather ask indirectly for referrals on some persons who are related or persons working on the competitors’ company. Usually, most of their competitors are already their friends, or they are affiliates of the company.

Good Relationship with the Suppliers

The jewelry makers care about their resources or their suppliers. Ensuring the loyalty to the suppliers is the best way to keep your partnership. Example, if jewelry makers usually get specific metals to the ABC Supplier for the particular jewelry, makers must continue to get supply orders on the future creation of the same jewelry. If the jewelry needs a remodel, jewelry makers must first ask the current suppliers if they can provide better metals in comparison with the prior metals that were used. The suppliers will understand this scenario because of the demand to remodel the current jewelry.  They are willing to help and adjust in all the best they can to provide the best-needed resources. The supplier will directly tell the jewelry maker if they can or cannot. In all business, continuous good relationships with the suppliers are the key to a sustainable and profitable business.  


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