Have You Ever Asked: Why Do We Love Art?

Art. The application and expression of human’s skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Art is everywhere. Take a look around you, and you’d see sculptures or paintings. Take a good listen to your surroundings and you’d hear songs and melodies resonating within your very soul. Pleasing to the eyes, incredibly satisfying to understand, and genuinely gratifying to the senses. We might have our different preferences, but what we can agree on is that we sincerely appreciate art and love it for what it is. And that brings us to the very title of this article: Why do we love art?

It Gives Us All Sorts of Emotion

The term art has its particular definition, but I believe its true essence goes beyond what our dictionaries or vocabulary might convey. Look outside your window right now, and you might see trees and houses radiated by a ray of gorgeous sunshine, maybe you’d witness the sunset slowly creeping down the beauty of the beachfront, or perhaps you’d see the awe-inspiring bright lights of the city shining up the night.

These examples can genuinely have an emotional impact on us who witnesses them. It may bring us joy or sadness; it may trigger pleasant nostalgia or a painful memory; the bottom line is we do appreciate it. 

So, are these sights an example of art? I do believe so. Humans have a part on creating these beautiful sights; we appreciate their innate beauty, it affects our emotional state; it checks every box on how to be defined as an art, so I guess it is. It works wonders. One look at art, and you’ll feel all sorts of emotion. Then maybe that answers why we love art.

It Can Tell Us a Story Only It Can Convey

If you think hearing a particular story is already fascinating, then I bet once you encounter art that tells you a story as itself, you’d be in ecstasy. Different forms of artworks can convey such stories by just being able to see, hear, or feel them. A painting may bring you the feeling of sadness and loss with only one look, an abstract one might at first be undecipherable, but once you do, you’d feel the genuine emotions of the maker. 

Visual art forms can give you a story, unlike anything else in this world. From happiness to absolute dread, paintings, sculptures, photos, movies, crafts, and architecture, all of them can tell their different brand of stories with just a look. The feeling and the message that the artist wants to give out are all able to be conveyed only by looking at them. The stories visual arts can tell are so compelling and fascinating. And that fact is truly amazing. Then maybe that answers why we love art.

Music Is a Form of Art As Well

And then there is music. It is an art form that feels so magical to us yet seemingly so simple in hindsight. Music is practically stories or poems performed in such a way that it stimulates our hearing and entertain us. Slow, romantic ballads can give us the feeling of love and being in love like no other form of media out there. Fast-paced, punk rock songs can awaken our angst and hidden anger that we want to scream out. While electronic dance music will bring out the dancer in you in no time.

No matter what your favorite genre may be, every one of them is capable of affecting us in such a way that no other form of media can. The heartbreak from sad songs, the happiness, and joy from upbeat songs, etc. millions and millions of songs with each story to tell, how amazing is that? 

Go out there and find me someone who does not love music and I bet you wouldn’t find any. Music is universally loved, and music is art. Then maybe that answers why we love art.

It Can Be a Form of Release as an Artist

Maybe you are an artist yourself; perhaps you are a musician, maybe a sculptor. Have you ever asked yourself, why do you make art? Besides the reason that it is your livelihood and source of income, have you ever find an answer to why? Artists create their own brand of art to release what they are currently feeling, artists, create art to tell the story that they want others to hear or felt. And now, that brings us full circle. We will now step right into the shoes of the storytellers, the artists. Instead of the ones who consume the art around them, we will now discuss the side of the ones who create them. 

Artists are just like us, ordinary humans. While they are the ones responsible for providing us with these art forms that we marvel at, they too are appreciative and also capable of feeling the same emotion as us when exposed to their fellow artists’ artworks. They can give, and they can take.

Being an artist is indeed excellent. If you feel angry, draw your fits of anger away. Feeling happy, write a song about it. Art is a form of release to both the artists and the ones consuming the said art. While an artist can take their current emotions out on a canvas or a sheet of paper, we as consumers can ease out our frustrations by visiting the nearest museum or crying our eyes out to feel ok while listening to a song. Art is a form of release as well as a medium wherein we can take all sorts of emotions and stories waiting to be told. Indeed, art is lovely. Then maybe that answers why we love art.

The Answer Is Deep Within Us

I do hope you got the answer you were initially looking for upon reading this article. Whether you are an artist or just someone who enjoys consuming it, we all have our distinct reasons why we love art. It brings all sorts of emotions out of us, it tells a story no other medium can tell, music brings life to the world with its every melody, and it can be a form of release to help us go back to neutral or comfort us. The answer to why we love art is deep within each individual. Yours might belong to the four reasons mentioned above, or maybe you have your different one. That is completely fine. In fact, that might just be better! Share to us your reason, and we will be all ears.

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