Five Best Laptops For Music Production and Recording

Not so long ago, we were still bounded by the impression that we need super high tech and expensive computer hardware just to be able to produce music. We still remember the days where we cannot even begin to think that laptops will be capable of handling intricate music recording and production. After all, a few years back, even the most expensive and powerful desktops are still having troubles doing so.  Gladly, that notion did not stop some of us to think that there will come a time where we can advance our technological prowess far enough for this smaller computer counterparts to stand side by side to their desktop big brothers. These people might be called silly before, but fast forward to today, they were exactly right and the scoffers were the ones who were dumbfounded. 

Laptops nowadays can more than handle their share of elaborate and complicated processes. Some may even be more powerful now than most desktops. Given the most apparent advantage of laptops, its undeniable accessibility where you can virtually take it anywhere, it is no wonder that most of us highly prefers laptops now more than ever before. 

The travel load of music artists and producers make it highly ideal for them to pick up laptops to handle their music production processes. And if you are one of them, look no further than this article. We are more than happy to share with you some of the best laptops you can buy for yourself that you may use for high-quality music production.

How Can I Choose The Best Laptop To Handle My Music Production?

Right before we list down the best laptops you can purchase out there in the market in terms of handling music production, of course, you’d better know first what to look for. First things first, compute and keep in mind the budget you are willing to spend. When it comes to music production computers in general, you would still need it to be reasonably powerful. Thus, be prepared to pay a hefty amount of dollars. With the specifications you would be needing to run intricate music software in today’s time, we would be completely blunt – it would reach thousands, if not, a couple of it especially if you are not building your computer setup from scratch and instead about to buy pre-built rigs.

Though there may be a ton of budget-friendly builds you may find scouring the net, we still highly recommend that you invest on a laptop that can handle your creativity to its fullest capabilities. 

Now, we will look into the technical specifications that you should put your consideration on. This is undoubtedly the most significant factor, aside from your personal budget. Well, the specifications and features of your eventual laptop do strongly coincide with the dollars you are willing to spend. We do understand that not all of us can able to understand the technical terms of computers fully, so we will be doing our best to elaborate on the ones you should really focus on.

  •   Operating System/ OS

This is the program that runs your entire system, your whole laptop itself. In simplest terms, it is the Windows or Mac OS. They are both examples of operating systems.

  •   Processor

It is the small chip inside of the laptop that successfully receives inputs and sends the appropriate output. It is the brain of the computer. As it names strongly suggests, it is the one that handles the processes of the system. Examples of it are mouse movements, keyboard inputs, applications, and many more.

  •   Random Access Memory/ RAM

The RAM is physical hardware, mostly in the form of a stick, inside of your laptop that stores data. The more and powerful RAM you have, the more information your laptop system can handle and work with. Managing with various software does require a lot of RAM.

  •   Hard Disk Drive/ HDD

This is where you store your applications, your files, your music samples, etc. How much space you need on your hard drive to actually install and use the program strongly depends on how big your HDD. The larger the disk drive, the more files or projects you can store in your laptop.

Those are the specifications that you do indeed need to put your minds unto in consideration to the laptop you would be purchasing. Better versions of these significant four specifications usually mean better results. As you can let your creativity run fully wild with more powerful and better laptops. And we all know that successfully producing great music do take a whole lot of creativity and heart.

Lastly, choose whether you want a Windows laptop or an Apple MacBook for yourself. We won’t be giving our personal opinion about that choice because it would only lead to endless debate. Choose what party you want to be part of. 

5 Recommended Laptops To Use

Now that you have a detailed knowledge on the factors that you should be eyeing on in terms of picking out a laptop for your music production and finally chosen a party you can proudly say you are a part of, let’s know get down to listing the best of bests. Here, with a brief description of each, are some of the best laptops you can currently get your hands unto to handle your music recording and production:

  1.   ASUS ROG Strix G-SYNC

Asus ROG’s are mostly associated with gaming. But that does not mean that their high-end specs and strong processing prowess are exclusive for gaming applications only. Why not utilize that into making great music, right? The ASUS ROG Strix G-SYNC is a powerful high-end laptop that is still lightweight while still brandishing a powerful design. With its built-in 7th gen i7 processor and up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM, you have more than enough time in the world with its speed to multitask. Its overall composition of power, speed, and capacity to handle various tasks is more than enough of a reason for you to pick this up for your music production.

  1.   Lenovo Legion Y520

Another powerful laptop that is first intended for gaming purposes but is more than willing to mix your creative juices inside its very strong processors. Lenovo Legion Y520 is one of the best music production and recording laptops for budget conscious people. The starter model may just come with 8GB of RAM alongside its 7th gen i7 processor but worry not; you can upgrade its RAM to 16GB if you want. Taking it anywhere would not be a problem ever because of its very portable design and intuitive cooling systems that enhance the CPU and GPU’s performance. This laptop is perfect for those who are on stage or in a studio that tends to have high temperatures.

  1.   HP Envy

With its very solid battery life that can la//st up until 14 hours of heavy usage, the HP Envy has successfully enticed a whole lot of hardworking people to what it can offer for them. This feature perfectly fits music producers as it is not a joke to come up with a single minute of good music. The process to take a whole lot of time and that will indeed require long sessions of research, trial and errors, mixing and matching, and recording. Not only that, All models have the HP audio boost and speakers with “SmartAmp” technology for higher performing sound for your music as well.

  1.   Apple MacBook Pro

The most popular and mainstream brand when it comes to laptops. Offering a mixture of high-end technology and features, which is the reason why it is labeled as one of the best laptops out there that you may use for music making. Equipped with an excellent processor that can handle the most sophisticated software simultaneously plus a high battery life that can take up to 10 hours of use, the MacBook is indeed a pick-up. 

  1.   Dell XPS 15

The XPS 15 series is another Dell laptop that has a really slim design, packed with a high-performance processor and memory that make it efficient enough to be one of the best music production laptops in the market today. Another laptop known widely for its gaming prowess, the Dell XPS 15 is indeed powerful enough to let your imagination come into life. Each laptop in the series begins with the 15.6″ “InfinityEdge” display, stereo speakers, hi-def audio, and multiple ports including a Thunderbolt 3 – choose which model fits your budget and style best.

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