Different Tips for Aspiring Costume Designers

Design is everywhere; we can see it on trees, on buildings, on beaches and even on our own house. We always visualize designs. Applied to different things, including costumes. A costume is what people wear to show an image of someone or something. If you’re wearing an outfit, it means your performing the persona of that character. 

A costume designer’s job is to design costumes for different events like a stage production, a film or even an act in television. They create the character’s costume and design every scene with creativity, texture, and things to improve and beautify it. 

Ten Tips for People planning to be a Costume Designer

Being a costume designer is an outstanding job. You’ll need to be creative and must be knowledgeable. He/She must have a sharp artistic mind, must have a lot of ideas with pattern development, fashion, draping, drafting, and textiles.

Here are the top ten tips that anyone must take note of becoming a successful Costume Designer:

  1.   A Costume Designer must always prioritize safety.

Safety must always come first; it’s the main goal for everyone, even for costume designers. They must be eco-friendly and non-toxic in designing the costumes. It is highly advisable to take time to read the Material Safety Data Sheet. Costume Designers can also attend training where they can learn things about safety precautions. Of course, still the best way to keep safe is to be disciplined; the best person to keep you safe is yourself.

  1.   Practice Fashion Design drawing every day.

The essential part of costume designing is drawing. It is a fundamental part of every design feature of everything. It is critical especially in idea visualization; a costume designer can show off his/her idea with a drawing. It is basically where the transformation of ideas turns into shapes and forms. We must understand that an illustration is a definite skill to learn because we can apply it to different aspects. It’s a way to share ideas and to transfer it to other people. It is also where you can develop your self-confidence and also lessen your anxiety.

  1.   Watching Plays

All designers should have a vast imagination; it’s their bright minds that make them unique. They also focus on people, and they pay attention to detail. Always remember to learn from your mistakes. Try to listen to what others think and learn from it. Don’t forget to believe in yourself and on what you are doing. 

  1.   Be a Great Audience.

A costume designer must always be a focused observant. Do visual research; it’s imperative to understand your surroundings and gain ideas from it. Make comparisons on what you see and understand their pros and cons. Learn to analyze every detail that you see and combined them into an idea that you can share to your team. 

  1.   Be a Great Listener.

Listening to others opinion is always an effective way to learn new ideas. Not everyone has the same thinking as yours, listen to theirs then understand the differences. As a costume designer, learning different designs from others is additional knowledge. It’s not aiming to copy them but only to get an idea. If you listen to others, you’ll gain sufficient learning which you can add for yourself and others. 

  1.   Learn to Consider Other People’s Idea 

Ask questions to other costume designers. You may have yours, but it’s not a bad thing to consider other people’s opinion. Combination of others and your ideas can create more room for improvement. You must learn to acknowledge what other’s idea and accept the fact that it’s better than you think. Lower your ego and make room for new ideas. Also, learn to decline if you don’t prefer something and to think it might cause a negative effect to your designs.

  1.   Be Familiarized with the Industry

As a costume designer, you must understand the things you need to come up with the perfect plan for your clients. Learn to most preferred styles used by professionals; study a lot of things about art and drawings. Identify the most suggested editing software so you can come up with a high output, make sure to be flexible with the latest programs.

  1.   Teamwork

There is a word called “Network” which is essential in costume designing. Network means the connection of different people to come up with the perfect idea. If a group of people combines their opinions, it can create an unexpected output which makes teamwork a vital piece in this job. Yes, you can create a design by yourself, but if you seek help from different people and possess an open-minded attitude, it can result in a positive and excellent result.

  1.   Time Management 

One of the most critical parts of every job is managing time. You need to plan the time that you need to allocate in each task. As a costume designer, time is very crucial. Creating a design and coming up with the final output should be time managed effectively. You must learn how to plan your tasks promptly to avoid lacking in time.

  1.   Take advantage of Modern Technology.

We are already in the modern world and innovation has never been faster. At our recent time, there are a lot of technological objects for designing. Here are some examples:

–    Three Dimensional Printing

It is the process of creating a touchable object from a three-dimensional model. The creation of 3D designs has simplified with the use of 3D printers. In costume designing, 3D printing can create such a plan that anyone would be amazed.

–    Fiber Optics

Illumination is now made possible with the use of Fiber Optics. It’s beautiful to apply lights in a costume because it adds a lot of meaning to it. The glow of the whole ensemble can create a pleasant appearance to the audience which makes dresses much better.

–    Laser Cutting

It’s a method of cutting materials using a laser. It helps a lot in costume designing because it creates an efficient way to cut things. It can provide high accuracy cutting, clean cuts and prevents fraying for edges of the fabric. This has been a popular method used in the design of the fashion industry.

–    Intelligent Costumes

Some costumes today are being installed with an Intel module that makes it so amazing. A dress created recently made of interwoven metallic fiber and it has an included proximity sensor. This only shows how modernized fashion is today.

–    Robotics

Even costumes today are being installed with robotic technology. Robotics, meaning it has a high-technology feature that can function like a robot. A dress recently was created to react to its environment and has an installed sensor. Entertainment it the primary purpose of this modernization.

Being a costume designer is an essential job. You’ll get to learn about many things connected to design and art. Also, you can provide a great impression on people. Your models might get the audience appreciation, but you would be appreciated as well for excellent costume design. What’s incredible in being a costume designer is the fact that you can have continuous knowledge of the things you’re doing.

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