Buying and Selling Artworks 101: How Can I Try The Art Before I Buy The Art?

No matter how beautiful a product is, consumers always tend to have second thoughts about really buying it or not. In the art world, many art enthusiasts would love to try the art first before they buy art. After all, many of us still consider the notion that “Seeing is believing”. Thus, with emerging technology, artists use several software applications to reassure their consumers. It effectively markets more of their artworks in the simplest and most cost-effective manner. So here’s a list of some of the most popular apps that artists use nowadays to make their consumers find artwork and sell them.


Artrooms is a newly launched application for artists and all art enthusiasts. It was released back in July 2018 and they already offer a lite version of the app for free. This lite version can be upgraded through several subscriptions that allow every user to add more walls or space to paste their works. They can upload their finished artwork unlimitedly, and have better high-resolution saving options. Every artist can easily add a frame or superimposed their works on wonderfully designed walls and spaces. This app also helps you market your work through sharing it on social media and email.


This app is made by artists for artists to help them increase their sales and allow them to see their golden piece in a specific set of your choice.  Some other apps allow you to paste your work on a certain wall they have installed. However, in iArtView, you will be the one to take the photo of the wall or space where you want to see your work. The wonderful and easy-to-use app is available all for free. But of course, upgrades are available for a reasonable price.

   Shoot and Sell

This application is specially made for photography enthusiasts as an in-person sales tool. Shoot and Sell allows you to upload your most perfect shot. After uploading you may try to post it on a specific space. One thing about this app is that it offers a lot of space or rooms to choose from. You can purchase the app for $74.99. It might be a little pain in the pockets but it is a one-time fee. Thus, you would not have to worry about monthly fees anymore.


WallApp is a web-based tool that helps you see your photos and pieces of artwork up on your walls. This is done without stressing yourself out on editing it on a complicated photoshop tool. This online software only requires easy steps. Firstly, drag the photo of your artwork from your computer and upload it on WallApp. Once it’s successfully on the site, you have the choice to edit it, resize, and choose the type of room you wanted it to be nailed at. When you finalized your editing your masterpieces, this web tool also allows you to download your work as a JPEG image.

   Stylist Wall Designer

This wonderful computer software allows you and all of your buyers to explore and test your artworks if it will look good with frames or canvas prints when it is nailed on the walls. This gives every customer a chance to see what would the wall look like before purchasing a certain artwork. With Stylist Wall Designer, an artist can find artwork with the dimensions and the perfect theme that goes with their art. Consumers, on the other hand, are also provided with options to buy or not to buy the items they added to their very own gallery.

There are a lot of online and offline software and application to try out. Some are paid ones and some are free and you have all the power to choose. However, the best thing that these apps do is to let your customers find artwork. After all, if you really want to really market your works, there’s absolutely no harm on trying these apps out.

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