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Almost everyone is into the whole fashion universe. From head to toe, fashion plays a big part in people’s lifestyle. The stylish apparels and outfits, aesthetic pieces of jewelry, and even shimmering footwear outshine more the beauty of people. This is also the reason why fashion design takes over many online platforms. 

Most of the feeds are full of colorful attires and ideas of dresses to wear. For that, it becomes a great idea to be the subject of many bloggers out there. The birth of fashion blogs continues to grow each day. Fashion enthusiasts never stop discovering and making the latest fashion styles and designs. So if you’re also an avid follower, fashion blogs are indeed for you. 

The Thing about Fashion Design Blogs 

There are lots of fashion sites that you can visit. These sites feature high-quality images that absolutely attract viewers. Most of the famous sites tackle about the tips, styles, things, simple hacks you need to know about fashion. You can also find inspiration with their creative content that you can use to find the right outfit for you. 

Well-known fashion design bloggers are just like those famous influencers on the typical social media platform. The thing is—they don’t just post high-definition kind of photographs. They also give you the current news, fashion techniques, and all the things you need to know about it.

So, what are the most helpful and the best fashion blogs that you should follow? 

  1.   Atlanta-Pacific 

Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific’s creator, is considered as one of the authentic fashion influencers. She started her career 11 years ago, and since then; has become part of the fashion universe. She already worked with prominent brands such as CoverGirl, Gucci, Nordstrom, Target, Tory Burch, Sephora, and many more. This garnered her over 1.1 million Instagram fans and followers. 

In her blog, you can find outfits that highlight denim, fall style, stripes, and a variety of dresses. Her gallery is also one thing to look forward as you can see gorgeous models showing off the high-class and elegant garments. Visit her website at 

  1.   Chronicles of Her

The woman behind the Chronicles of Her is none other than Carmen Hamilton. She is an Australian style expert and started her blog in 2011. The blog began with goals of showing the encounters in real style and life. 

Her blog emphasizes coolest and finest women from all over the world who flaunt all the outfits they wear daily. Another good thing about her blog is her mission to teach followers about fashion and beauty interesting tricks. 

You may find her website by clicking this link:

  1.   The Daileigh

Get to know Asleigh Hutchinson, the lady behind the Daileigh’s fashion website. She offers free articles and online articles to help her followers create the perfect wardrobe’s closet of their choice. Her blog also includes fashion eBooks and aesthetic fashion photo shoots. You can also grab the opportunity to attend her online webinars to learn more and improve your fashion ideas. 

Take the path into her blogs and earn new knowledge and tips. 

  1.   Girl with Curves

Enough with the stereotypes that fashion should just be about slim and sexy models. The reality is entirely different. Girls with sexy curves have all the chance to show off their bodies as well. 

Girl With Curves is for those people who aren’t under the usual model’s profile. This is to emphasize that everyone can step under the spotlight and show their beauties. 

Tanesha Awasthi is the woman behind this amazing website. She wants to let everyone know that no matter what your shape is, you can still feel confident about yourself. Hence, you have all the power to wear whatever outfit you think suits you the best. 

It also includes new trends, advice, and tips about beauty and wellness—for all the plus-sized individuals! 

Visit her website at

  1.   Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion is about beauty, family, life, travel goals, and fashion thingy. The blog was created by Christine Andrew, a half Colombian and half American. She started as a blogger since December 2011 by sharing some of her favorite newly-bought clothing and other fashion products. She knows a lot when it comes to dressing well. 

If you want to gain ideas perfect for summer, this is the right website you need to visit.

There are many blogs that you can take a peek and receive new fashion hacks. It’s up to you if you want to follow theirs, tweak some of their things to your ideas, or simply create your own signature style. 

Fashion design has so much to offer. Old or new styles, it still requires the proper attitude that you also need to wear. It’s okay to follow the current happenings. Just make sure that you always wear yourself whenever you wear fabulous clothes and jewelry. 

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