Best Cinematography Blogs to Follow

Cinematography is the heart of a film. It is not just about making beautiful pictures. Cinematography takes a whole lot more of knowledge and passion to show its art. It takes the story from the script, and it translates the emotions, story, and every little detail of the film. It turns the story into a beautiful visual. The cinematography was never simple; a lot of things are for consideration. That includes lighting, color, contrast, camera angles, exposure. As well as shot sizes, framing, movement of the camera, and composition. Without cinematography, the story won’t have emotions and it won’t turn it into a beautiful picture.

Here are some Cinematography Blogs to Follow: 

No Film School (

No Film School is a community of filmmakers and video creative that foster talents and passion. They post a lot of helpful contents about the world of filmmaking. Latest interviews, short films, tutorials, and gear related stuff. Basically, it’s for everyone who’s interested in the industry.  They are with each other for the same reason. To forge sustainable, creative careers in a rapidly changing world.  Check their website and grab their free copy of 100-page DSLR Cinematography Guide. You can also watch their videos on the site and subscribe to their weekly podcast. 

Cinema5D (

Cinema5d is one of the leading digital filmmaking news and reviews. Add to that, a community platform that give the latest video, cinematography, and technology news. The blog site is for filmmakers and all those interested in new developments and technologies. It helps them bring their film and video projects to life. They want to see real films and real stories.

Philip Bloom 

Philip Bloom is an award-winning filmmaker that shares knowledge about cameras. He is also a Director and Filmmaker known for his workshops and blog.  Some of his iconic work is created with Canon DSLRs. Philip has adapted with the advent of newer tools. He has depth video reviews of cameras which have helped many people in the decision of buying a camera.

Reddit|Filmmakers (

Professionals and amateur unite to this place to share work, tips, and experiences in the industry. There are filmmakers, cinematographers, sound guys, VFX gurus, directors, and more. 

Raindance | The Home of Independent Film 

Raindance has dedicated itself in fostering and promoting independent film around the world. The organization was founded in 1992 by Elliot Grove as a thought experiment. But over a year later, Raindance Film Festival was born and held at London’s Prince Charles Cinema and Ciné Lumière. Raindance offers a wide range of evening and weekend film training courses in cities around the world. Including London, Toronto, LA, Berlin, and Paris, as well as online. Above all, the courses they have are all taught by experienced film experts. 

IndieWire | The Voice Creative Independence (

IndieWire is one of the leading news and networking sites for independent filmmakers. The industry and moviegoers alike. Conceived initially, as an online forum and newsletter for filmmakers and festivals. IndieWire has grown over the last two decades into a go-to source for film and television news. As well as interviews, reviews, and more. Their aim has always been to deliver news and other resources to creators and movie lovers. While facilitating a greater appreciation of independent filmmaking to the masses. 

Premium Beat (

PremiumBeat is more than just a website. It’s a team of hard working programmers, designers, and music lovers. It’s a group of world-class composers who put their hearts and souls into the music they create. 

DSLR Video Shooter (

Caleb Pike runs DSLR Video Shooter. This website has dedicated itself to videographers and cinematographers alike. For those who are striving to use DSLRs and sensor cameras for quality storytelling. 

ProVideo Coalition (

Provideo Coalition brings together the film industry’s best writers, bloggers, and video experts under one URL. Each writer/filmmaker/contributor writes based on their personal knowledge and experience. PVC became the leading resource for professionals working in major studios and post houses. Independent filmmakers, educators, students, and storytelling enthusiasts alike. This has been the place to go for news, information, reviews, and training. 

Filmmaking Stuff (

Filmmaking Stuff is a professional resource for independent filmmakers. It provides tips on screenwriting, producing, crowdfunding, directing, movie marketing, and film distribution. 

Stephen Follows – Film Industry Data and Education (

Stephen has produced over 100 short films and two features. He has produced corporate video work for a wide variety of clients. ranging from gaming (Bethesda), technology (Nokia Siemens Networks) and sports (Johnny Wilkinson). He is also an accomplished scriptwriter. Stephen has won Virgin Media Shorts, the Reed Film Competition and IVCA awards. Has been nominated at the British Independent Film Awards, Viral Video Awards, LA Movie Awards and long-listed for a BAFTA. and lastly, has championed by Mike Newell, James King, Stephen Fry, the Daily Telegraph, and Le Monde.  Stephen is also an educator and has taught to major film schools, regular business schools, and secondary primary schools. His lessons range established topics from Producing at MA and BA level. In addition to online videos and the business of film producing to more adventurous issues

Fenchel and Janisch – Film Production (

Known on YouTube as FenchelJanisch. Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are a team of two professional filmmakers. The pair are working mostly in the commercial film industry. Fenchel & Janisch are the brains behind- and sometimes the faces in front of the camera. Their headquarters is in the German metropolis Frankfurt. They are passionate about creating filmmaking tutorials for YouTube. But the central part of their job is to present their clients’ products and services in commercial and corporate videos.

Indie Film Hustle (

Indie Filmmaking Tips are in this blog. And it is a great help for those film enthusiasts and for everyone who would like to become a part of the industry. You will never go wrong for going to this site to read the content. You’ll get inspiration and will benefit from the articles. 

Mentorless (

In the summer of 2011, when Mentorless started. It is a filmmaking blog for indie storytellers, storymakers, and filmmakers. Their target audience is those with a DIY spirit and a curious mind. Mentorless helps them nurture their craft and creativity. It wants to promote continuing education. Transcending borders, genders, race, age, and even economical means. 

Hathart ( 

Hathart is an e-commerce company created for the people in the arts and entertainment industry. Our mission is to establish successful careers. On Hathart, performing and visual artists can sell, buy, and rent art equipment. Artists can also sell or rent their work to art lovers. Furthermore, Hathart allows users to post portfolios and receive feedback from other users. In addition to finding jobs or short-term gigs with our jobs database.
Hathart’s goal is to improve the lives of artists by creating a centralized location to meet. Further, Hathart wants to ease collaboration with other artists and to help users to find work. Most importantly, Hathart was founded to help artists realize their dreams. We envision a world where artists have more time to create and perfect their art. Therefore, Hathart is the place to go to leverage your experience in the arts into a profitable career. For every purchase made on Hathart, we then donate $1 to the National Endowment for the Arts.
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