An Introduction in the World of Performing Arts
Performing arts are a form of art in which artists use their voices, bodies, or different objects to show artistic expression. The major types of performing arts include music, dance, drama, opera, and spoken words. It is different from visual arts, which is when artists use paint, canvas, or different materials to create art objects. While performing arts include a variety of things which are being performed in front of a live audience. Performing arts are also performed professionally, which is why proper knowledge and practice is fundamental
Artists that perform in front of an audience are the performers. These artists are actorsdancerscomedianscircus artistsmagicians, singers, and musicians. To be able to achieve the performance that they desire, help from supported workers in related fields, such as songwritingchoreography, and stagecraft, are also being focused on

By: Catherine Watts

Branches of Performing Arts 

Performing arts include different types of performances, which are the following: 


It is the kind of performance which is concerned with acting out a story, with the use of gestures, facial expressions, music, and speech. The performers are known as actors and actresses. The specific place of the performance is also named by the word “theatre” as derived from the Ancient Greek (théatron, “a place for viewing”)
Theatre has an influential factor in the world of arts. Theater performance is a beautiful combination of different people from different backgrounds coming together. Putting to rest their differences and enjoy the act. 


Generally refers to human movement, goes with a rhythm of music and used as a form of audience entertainment in a performance setting. Choreography is the art of making dances, and the person who practices this art is the choreographer. Dance is a powerful kind of art, but skillful performers channel the art of dance into something that becomes expressive, and that may delight the audience who feel no wish to dance themselves
Musical accompaniment, the moves, and how the dancers portray their emotions is a great part of the performance; body movements are not the only important matter in this kind of art. Dancing is not only learning the steps; it is also a way of moving that uses the body as an instrument of conveying feelings.


Music is also a significant art form. Individuals show their emotions through composing, singing, and instrumental collaboration. We can also call music as a universal language. Everybody listens and enjoys music. It is also tightly associated with dancing. Music provides the rhythm and it makes dancing possible and better. 
This may sound like a usual benefit, but this art form can enhance the creativity of a person. It can also improve social skills, language, and reading skills. Critical thinking skills are also able to learn through this. 


This form of art is a well-known part of the Western classical music tradition. Opera originated in Italy around the 16th century, and it soon became famous to the rest of Europe. This type of art shows a variety of elements, including the stage props, acting, and costumes. The performance in an Opera is usually in an opera house. It is also accompanied by either a musical ensemble or an orchestra. 
Performing Arts impact our world in various ways. It is vital and necessary in our culture and society. When people think of performing arts, the usual images of the stage, music, props, performers, and choreography appear in our vision. This culture has developed and made history creatively. Aspects of performing arts, especially the way of improvising and creating help the people to think outside the box

What’s it like working in the sector?

  • One must demonstrate the passion and love for art.

  • There is a chance of lower salaries, and there might also be that unsteady income and a lack of security when it comes to the job most notably in the start out in the industry. There are rewards of working in the creative field but building an excellent reputation and of course, honing the expertise is needed.
  • Working environment might differ to studios, music venues, photography/videography/art studios, and theatres.

  • The schedule must be flexible.

  • There is a higher chance of working abroad. Actors, musicians, and those who are a part of the fashion industry might go elsewhere to enhance their craft.

  • The majority is to be project-based and deadline-driven.

Here are the top job opportunities in the world of performing arts: 

  • Dancer

This job is for those people who have a talent or passion for dancing. Dancers move in the music, tell stories, and show emotions. They can work in a variety of forms: TV Shows, film, music videos, or in front of the live audience. 
  • Screenwriter

Passion for writing or creating scripts and a keen interest in media is needed in this job. Being creative and using one’s imagination is a must- one must think outside the box. Determination and motivation is also a plus. 
  • Theater Director 

Directors bring the life and shine of the stage because they are working closely with everyone involved in the act. They are the ones in charge of the creative and practical interpretation of a script or a musical act. To be a theater director, one must have the courage and skills. 
  • Actor

If you love acting and have the talent for it, then this career is perfect for you. But unfortunately, this profession is highly competitive. To achieve this job, you must build a reputation and gain a lot of experience.

Actors portray characters through dialogue, body language, and actions. This type of work varies differently from Television, film, or theater act. 
  • Art Administrator 

Art administrators organize the activities and services to ensure that everything is successful. If someone is passionate about managing and organizing, then this one is perfect. 
  • Broadcaster 

A broadcaster is a public face. He or she is the voice of a program on television, radio, and the digital world. This is a competitive area, that is why one must enhance the skills and have the heart in representing or interacting with other people
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