9 Things You Should Give Up to Become a Successful Artist

We are in the generation where there is an uprising appreciation to newly discovered artists and their art. But, numerous opportunities offered to artists equates to more competitors in the world of art. Due to this, artists must learn how to improve themselves in any possible ways. You should not be stressing out about what you must do and achieve to be acknowledged. Instead, you should start by knowing what things you should avoid for more productivity.  Here is the list of things that you must give up to become a successful artist.

  1.   Give up unrealistic expectations

Aiming to be a successful artist does not mean that you have to be a genius or a prodigy. Being good at things that wanted the most does not happen overnight. You will need hard work and patience to improve yourself.

Expecting that you will be the great artist you always dreamed to be at a snap of a finger is just too unrealistic. If you do not give up this thinking, you will only end up disappointing yourself and beating yourself too much.

  1.   Give up self-doubts

Being overconfident is not good to look at, yes, but continuously having self-doubts will not do you any good. There may be moments when you are hitting the lowest spot, and you will get a lot of critics. It will make you want not to do any artworks anymore or let other people see your works.

However, you will miss a lot of opportunities by doing this. Instead, what you must do is to stop doubting yourself and just let your emotions flow naturally in your art. 

  1.   Give up Pooh-Mentality

Most people believe that a good artist must have this characteristic—being happy-go-lucky. They think that if you just let things be naturally, everything will find its place. However, that only applies to those who are only doing art as a hobby. If you want to be a successful artist, you should give up this kind of mentality.

Start planning the things that you must finish and give yourself deadlines. It will also be helpful if you will be able to challenge yourself to do better and faster each time. As they say, practice makes perfect.

  1.   Give up comparisons

Comparing yourself to someone bigger is one thing that everyone must stop doing. You may have your favorite artist that you meant to be like since you decided to be an artist. Due to this, you always tend to compare yourself and your artworks with his, and you end up feeling bad each time.

However, this should not be the case. You are an artist of your own, and you have your own talent. Embrace your own art style and let yourself grow through this. You will never be your favorite artist, but you can always be as successful as him, if not more.

  1.   Give up the addiction to validation

Accepting commentaries from other people is good. However, if you are just continually seeking for validations your audiences, this will end up like a toxic trait. You will start taking their critics to heart and will only make yourself look pathetic.

Remember that everyone has different preferences and opinions about everything. Obsessing overfishing compliments will only make your artworks lack its authenticity and realness. The story that you wanted to tell will end up as a story of your addiction to validation.

  1.   Give up making excuses

Most artists do this. They continuously make excuses for why they cannot make artwork or why they can’t try learning new mediums. They say things like they don’t have time or they or just don’t feel like doing it. Other artists even make their ignorance of technology as an excuse.

If you can give up making these constant excuses, you will be more productive. There will also be more opportunities to learn and be more innovative.

  1.   Give up perfectionism

Some artists just love carelessness and flaws, but not all artists are like this. Particular artists would destroy an almost finished artwork if it did not turn out like what they want it to be. Some think that a line or a smudge of ink ruins the totality of the artwork. But if you are a true artist, you must learn how to turn any mistakes and blemishes to a masterpiece. 

  1.   Give up feeling selfish

You might hear people saying that you are selfish by being an artist. For them, having arts as a profession is just a waste of time and resources, unlike medicine, law, and engineering. They believe that you are of no help to the community if you are just going to sit there, painting things as you like.

However, this is just a common misconception. Art started in ancient time, and it has changed the world for centuries now. Art is not selfish; rather, it is helping other people realize and learn things that they do not know. You are teaching as much as you are expressing.

  1.   Give up sacrificing your health

There are just different types of artist, and they work differently. Some are night owls while others prefer doing it in the morning. Some finish their work at one sitting, but others prefer just finishing it at any time that they feel like it.

Now, you can be any artist that you want depending on yourself. But, remember that on making decisions, you must always prioritize your health. Consider having physical and cardio exercises and eat healthily and on time.

Doing art may be simple and easy for other people. However, the truth is that art is very complex, and not just everyone can do it. Some also mistake talent as an excuse not to make an effort to be a better artist. However, if you are willing to do anything to be a successful one, you should learn how to give up things for your dream.

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