5 Of The Best Visual Artist Blogs Website

In the world of arts, it’s not just about the styles, colors, shapes, and designs. Sometimes, great stories and galleries of artists are what make someone embrace the idea of loving the arts more. They could be artworks or masterpieces, sketches, and contents of the amazing tales from people. Or even some excellent visual artist blogs that are on the internet.

It takes much inspiration to fuel the heart and mind, creativity, and the passion of a visual artist. There’s always the thing called motivation and it’s fantastic to have something that drives you more to become the best.

Since you are living in the modern era today, everything is easily accessible in many online platforms. Newspapers and magazines are still the best, but blogs are also excellent. You can visit many websites to gain additional learning. Hence, many blogs, specifically for visual artists, are like stars spread in the vast universe of the Internet. 

If you simply love art and its other trends or you are an artist itself, then this blog is specially written for you. Keep yourself updated in the world of visual arts by clicking these different blogs below.

Want to spice up yourself that screams for visual arts? Here are the best visual artist blogs that you may want to visit for some inspiration and knowledge.

Arrested Motion

This visual artist blogs website is California-based. It tackles about street and contemporary urban arts that are also one of the trends today. You will find various photos of artsy streets taken from different locations. It also features studio or gallery visits, artist interviews, and their personal insights, and exhibition reviews and recommendations. Get to know behind the scenes lifestyle of your favorite artists by reading some of their exclusive interviews. You may visit their site at https://arrestedmotion.com/


If you are into different categories of art, this is the perfect website for you to read blogs. It divides into various sections, such as art, photography, design, film, and music. You will find here a myriad of art forms and interpretations of paintings. Your eyes will be satisfied by just merely staring at those colorful and deep masterpieces. You may visit their website here, https://www.booooooom.com/


Colossal is one of the most respected blogs that focus on photography, illustrations, design, crafts, and other best things about art. If you have an eye for photography, you may want to take a few minutes of your time to appreciate every photograph in this blog. This is great to obtain new ideas for your next shoot. Take a look at their website here: https://www.thisiscolossal.com/


For those who are into architecture and design culture, then this is the right website for you. Some of the features are incredible art installations and artistic innovations of technology. You will realize here how creative people are for making out of the box kind of masterpiece or for creating products of out of new inventions. You may visit their website at https://www.designboom.com/


Let’s talk about how Hi-Fructose emphasizes both established and aspiring artists, especially in the pop-surrealism genres. You will find magnificent sculptures on their website made by the hands of these amazing artists. Click the link to their website and see it for yourself: http://hifructose.com/ 

Art is indeed a wide ocean, and it takes a will before you dig deep in every aspect of it. It doesn’t just require appreciation but also the dedication to fully embrace its wholeness. The websites above are proof that even in the online world; you can satisfy your craving in arts. You can find inspiration from the works of other great artists and who knows, you will be the next one to conquer the world of arts!

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