How to Keep Everything Organized as an Artist

An Organized Artist is well-known for his or her intricate minds which bring major impact to his or her own overall creativity. However, their complicated thinking also contributes to the most common characteristic that they have: which is being disorganized. Who would forget several movie scenes which involve messy art studios and untidy writer’s desk?

Being disorganized might be a notorious attribute of a massive pool of creators but this doesn’t mean that it is useful for the endeavors that they have to undertake. Who would think that finding a specific paintbrush in the chaotic pile of art materials is a satisfying errand? Who would love to handle lost documents among the clutter in your desktop? No one, right? Therefore, our team listed all the organizational tips and tricks that have worked for us through the years. Without further ado, let’s delve deep into the details.

organized artist
By: Catherine Watts

1.    Put it all in the paper

With all the things and errands that an organized artist have to keep up with, remembering them is undoubtedly impossible. All the bills you have to pay, the clients that you have to call, the deadlines that you have to finish and all those stuff that’s going on around your life as an artist will surely make it challenging for you to squeeze them in your mind.  The best way to handle these? Write them down.

Putting everything in a notebook will keep your life in perspective. There will be more cases of forgetting your bills, overlooking your target work, and disremembering all the significant stuff that require to be taken care of. Use your notebook to compile all the information such as the clients’ contact details, contest deadlines, art materials that you need to buy, and basically every list that you have to remember along the way.

2.    Label

Having a messy studio or office is time-consuming. Looking for this or for that in all the mess that is lying in front of you takes time which you should actually be used for other important stuff. To avoid this, you can start arranging your stuff into your preferred categories then put a label on everything. For instance, you can utilize your old cans as an organizer of your paintbrushes, pens, stencils, crayons, and acrylic tubes. You can observe a color coding system by incorporating colors into these organizers according to what they encase. You can also put labels on your cabinets, drawers, and jars by using a good label marker. This way, you don’t have to helplessly go through all your stuff every time you need them for your artworks.

3.    Be inventive and resourceful in storage

Maximize your space by incorporating storage hacks and DIYs in your creative area. Jars can be utilized for holding almost everything. From pens to beads, this storage material can organize almost any small stuff in your studio or office. You can also optimize wooden crates to stock all the paints that are arranged according to their colors. With all the DIY ideas available on the internet, you are bound to find the storage setup that fits best for your needs.

4.    Deep Clean your Space Regularly

It is highly recommended for you to take at least twice a year to deep clean your creative area. This involves an extreme decluttering endeavor wherein you have to say goodbye to all the stuff that no longer serves you. It might include but not limited to those unused and old brushes, dried paints, ancient receipts, and basically everything that you can’t see yourself using in the future. By ridding of all the idle items in your creative area, you, as an organized artist, are saving space for all the things that matter more. Let unused stuff go and expect to feel the improved vibes of your office or studio.

5.    Designate a place to store your works in progress

Having a selected area to put all your artworks that are waiting to be completed will ensure that no damage will be inflicted to these items. Choose a space that steers clear from all probabilities of accidental destructions and inevitable damage.

These are just some of the surefire tricks to amp up your organizational game. For more tips, you can collaborate and interact with the huge and exclusive artists’ community of Hathart. Come and visit our website for more exciting features!

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