A Guide On Media Music Publishing On Spotify

Visualize this scenario. You felt the wonderful element that is trying to awaken you from your deep slumber. You slowly opened your eyes to see nature and its warmth touching you through the rays of sunshine that seeps inside your window. Everything felt peaceful and there is a certain emotion that is surging through your chest. Fulfillment: your mind whispers through your subconscious. Yes! That’s right! Your heart is overwhelming you with happiness and excitement towards the next hours that are going to unfurl. And the reason why you felt this way? Music and life: and its perfect coalescence that you have achieved through the years of hard work. Here is a guide on media music publishing on Spotify.

The Resolve of an Artist

This scenario sounds familiar, right? The reason behind this is because this has always been the dreams of artists. It is to live their life according to their passion. First, are there any painters who don’t want to earn money through selling and exposure of their art pieces? Second, are there any photographers who don’t want to continuously shoot their preferred niches? And see their clients being satisfied with their outputs? Third, are there any makeup artists who don’t want to make their customers feel beautiful? And to make them feel confident after seeing themselves in the mirror? Lastly, are there any musicians who don’t want to wake up every day feeling satisfied with making a living through their creation of amalgamation of melodies and words?

Everybody wants to live passionately and purposely. But a lot of people think that the art industry can be challenging to penetrate into. And this
included the field of music and media music publishing. For instance, a lot of musicians think that getting their music published infamous online platforms (Spotify included) is difficult to achieve. This can ring true but not to those who know how to strategically infiltrate these music mediums. Spoiler alert: you can, too.

Media Music Publishing On Spotify: Step by Step Guide

Spotify is surely one of the most well-known online music streaming platform in the whole industry. This medium of songs can be availed for free but it can also be purchased in premium format by those who want to experience online streaming like a pro. Regardless of this, Spotify has been a platform of millions of musicians who want to share pieces of themselves to the world. Good news, you can utilize this medium to your advantage of media music publishing.

1.    Find a distributor

You can do this with thorough research. By browsing through the pages of prospective distributors, you’ll be able to acquire some insights about the possible experiences that you might encounter with these agencies. To help you through the process, it is also highly recommended to research for online reviews that bear authentic tone. This way, you’ll be able to virtually hear the voices and opinions of the people that these distributors have worked with. Besides, this will help you set your expectations of what you’re going to meet along the journey of working with these agencies.

Another aspect that you can attain through thorough research is the costs of working with these distributors. Several of them charged around $10 per song that you wanted to publish in Spotify. There are also a few who offers their services for free, giving you 85% of the overall income after the music streaming platform takes a cut. Try to compare every option and see what works best for you.

2.    Sign up

After browsing among all the profiles of the distributors that you have looked into, it’s finally time for you to sign up with the one that you prefer most. It is a must to carefully read all the significant documents such as contracts and terms and agreements to avoid any prospective mishaps in the future.

3.    Upload your music to the music distributor

Your chosen music distributor will serve as an active agent that will upload your songs on multiple music streaming services such as Spotify. Just keep in mind that the music that you will submit to your distributors should be a high-resolution mp3 file or lossless file wave. However, the distributors that offer their service I lower prices or for free may only allow the much more limited quality of the mp3 file that you will upload. As much as possible, try your best to tailor your mp3 files into 320 kbps to gain the best results.  

4.    Fill out your metadata properly

Submitting the artist name and the song title to your music distributor is undoubtedly a no-brainer. In addition to this information, you also have to submit data such as copyright information, genre, track number, and album title. One of the options that you can consider in providing this metadata is through the utilization of mp3 creation software. By using music software, you can directly apply your information to your song files. Another option that you can practice is filling out the form that your distributor will provide you. Carefully fill out these forms with appropriate metadata and proofread it to make sure that no blanks will be left.

5.    Include an artwork in your submission

This is yet another aspect that can bring a huge impact on the success of your music. Humans are generally attracted by the wonders of the visual they see so might as well take advantage of biology by exerting some effort in the artwork of your music. For instance, if you have sent an entire album, it is highly recommended for you to provide an album artwork to your music contributor.

Then that’s it! All you have to do after following these steps is to wait. Once the media music publishing platform has your songs and all the necessary data, it would take time to process the approval. After being approved, it would then be submitted to streaming platforms and music forms such as Spotify. Typically, the process takes 3-5 business days before your songs go live on Spotify. However, this time period may differ depending on the music distributor that you choose so it may take longer for your songs to be showcased in this online streaming medium.

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