10 Best Documentaries: That Can Change Our Perspectives

The modern world offers different ways for us to be more educated about important issues.  The recent events that happen in every country can be seen, obtained, replicated and shared. It is possible because the internet connects each one of us. Additionally, curiosity drives each of us to know what lies behind the door, what secrets and controversies surround each story. However, the attention that we give to see a fact sometimes gives us something more. Best Documentaries are an informative resource of media that offers viewers an in-depth understanding of topics. These topics are then served to captivate viewers and open up conversations and often spark social movements. The best documentaries focus on real situations of real people that have significant impacts on people. Sometimes, the films contain controversies that are overseen by the naked eye. However, these points are made clear by the detailed presentations of documentary films.

Why Are Documentary Films Important?

Documentary films are vital since it changes our perspectives. Sometimes, what you see at news articles, short videos, or articles on the web, are not sufficient to provide knowledgeable information about the topic. This is the reason why documentary films exist. The best documentaries offer a deeper understanding of the subject. Additionally, the best documentaries emphasize the issue which makes it rationally motivational, inspirational, shocking, or in some cases intense and heartbreaking.  And if there are some note-worthy documentary films that you should be watching. Here is a list of the ten must-see documentaries.

1.    Under the Dome (2015)

Under the Dome is a documentary film that focuses on the situation of living in China. The documentary film’s proprietor is a former Chinese Journalist, and the purpose of his film is to raise awareness on the never lifting pollution of China. He, Chai Jing, came up with the movie due to the situation that he endured that concerns his daughter. The documentary focuses on his child, who is still to be born. Furthermore, to make things worse, his not-yet-born daughter developed a tumor while even on the womb. With this said, Chai Jing blames the accumulation of filthy air that surrounds the entirety of China. Upon viewing this film, you’ll be able to feel the heart-clenching paranoia that the father experience due to his child’s ordeal. As a result, he made a film that focuses on raising awareness for the stoppage of energy companies and coal factories in China. It will not only help elevate the surroundings of China but also improve the citizens that it has.

2.    The Cove

The Cove is one of the best documentaries that focus on animals, specifically bottle-nosed dolphins in Japan. Taiji, Japan is well-known for the caring of sea life. However, Taiji hides some dark and malicious doings. The documentary starts with the activists that aim to see what is going on the hidden cove of Taiji. The Cove is a hidden part on the edge of Taiji, Japan where things happen without the knowledge of the public and government. This is the part where the activists play the role of investigators. Though, Japan has been discreet on tourists that enter the area of the cove. A thick line fence and barbed wires with multiple signs of “no trespassing” surround the cove. That is why the activists result to use state-of-the-art techniques to see and investigate the real happenings on the cove. They use hidden cameras and microphone that they set up camouflaged as rocks or bushes. And what they saw are truly disturbing at the same time heart-breaking. A lot of dolphins are herded to be sold for sea world around the globe, while others are killed and sold for their meat.

3.    Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Going clear is one of the best documentaries that aims to clear up the allegations from the different point of views in belief. The Scientology of which the film circumvents focuses on 8 Scientologists that make discussions about the abuse of church members and misconduct of its leaders.

4.    Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)

We all know the rock star legend that launched us to Nirvana. This documentary focuses on the one and only Kurt Cobain. The film centers with the story of how he got to his fame and what riddled him to get there. The documentary starts on the way people have perceived him. On the early days of Kurt’s life, he was held to be someone who lacks a dream. Additionally, the people that surround Kurt’s life thoroughly rejected him and told him that he is not ready for the life that he thinks he could handle. That is why in his teenage life, Kurt Cobain became unruly and hated being humiliated. Though, that did not stop him from drawing his musical career into the musical canvas. “It’s all in the music, man” he quoted was awe-inspiring. From the music fests that he went to the concerts he performed, Kurt made sure that he played the best possible. However, if there is one thing that would limit him from chasing his rock and roll career, it is family. Great documentaries such as this comes rarely.

5.    Black Fish

Black Fish is a documentary film that focuses on the truth about the show that surrounds the sea world. We all know that having a big giant sea creature jumping out of the water is exhilarating. But little did we know what the beast endures to be able to entertain us. The rough thing is that we do not understand that every living creature has feelings. The point is that Orcas are highly intelligent and social creatures that behave the same way as people do. They have their own family or so-called pod. And each pod comprises of different vocal aspects that is unique among each family pod. Moreover, the misunderstood orca made a mistake of accidentally killing a trainer amidst the show. People say, no matter how sane you are, in putting yourself for 25 years on a bathtub will make you insane. This is the same thing that happened with the Orca named Tili, short for Tilikum. The story of this film revolves around the essence of containing a wild creature and putting it in captivity. Also, the consequences that it may propose and the things that Media fail to see are a subject of the film.

6.    Inside Job

Do you remember the 2008 financial crisis meltdown? Well, you can have a full film the focuses just on that. If you are one who experienced the full-blown collapse of the investors, then look up to the documentary. There you would find that the crisis was avoidable. But, still, money is money. And people on the higher up are playing high stakes to make their profits. This is why being knowledgeable and having an in-depth understanding of what goes on in the government give you the possible chance of fighting of crisis. Enjoy the rage-tearing discussions wherein investors from the crisis are bombarded with questions, revealing what they indeed are.

7.    Making a Murderer (2015)

This documentary film focuses on the harsh life of Steven A. Avery, an excellent souled person who got accused of crimes that he did not commit. There was a saying that you can say that “you won’t ever commit any crime in your life. However, there is a slimline wherein you can be considered one.” This has been true for Steven. He spent years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Only after 18 years in jail has there been DNA evidence that made him a free man. A lot of people protested for the injustice that has been made by the officials. However, the life of the free man was lived short. After two years out of prison, Steven Avery was sent back with charges of murder. Find out what is in store for Steven. Is he guilty for the crime or not?

8.    Sicko

Michael Moore, the sole proprietor of the documentary film named Sicko, raises awareness on what healthcare in America is. He is an investigation on how does healthcare affects the world’s richest country and tearing it and putting it on the 37th list of world health care. Almost 50 million people in America are uninsured with their healthcare, and others that are with healthcare cover are either victims of insurance fraud and red tape. There is also the fact that, in insurance companies, the higher the count of declined healthcare insurance, the higher the profit of the coverage. This is why people have huge upsets on the healthcare organization in America.

9.    Man on Wire

A 2008 British-American documentary film that focuses on Philippe Petit when he wire-walked across the Twin Towers of New York in 1974. The documentary focuses on why Petit decided on walking across the two building with nothing but a pole to keep his balance. There are also re-enactments on the film and still photographs showing Petit crossing the structures on a piece of wire. Additionally, the documentary shows the arrest and release of Philippe Petit.

10.    Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

If you are talking about serial killers, then you should have heard of the name Aileen Wuornos. This documentary focuses on the life of Aileen behind bars, the crimes that she committed and many more. For a short cap, Aileen was an American serial killer that has murdered seven men in two years. In 1989 and 1990 she was charged with the murder of men. There are also moments on the documentary wherein she pleaded guilty saying “she killed the seven men in cold blood and will kill them again if given a chance.” Additionally, the reason for the murder, as she stated was a form of “self-defense.” But is overruled and Aileen has sentenced the death penalty through lethal injection.

If there are some things that can change the perspective of people those are the life and experiences of others. The moment you see the viewpoint of everyone, the life experiences they endured, and the things they want to make you understand, only then you can understand the hardships and success of others. The best documentaries help you widen your view of the world we live in.

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